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The Only Treatment that works...

Why to consider Loving Addiction Treatment:

We have the science behind us. All research supports our method. And we are the only ones offering this scientifically suggested method of cooperation instead of coercion. 

Also you will be much happier with us! Most conventional treatment organizations force you to be like a bad child with an overly tough parent. Or they treat you like a criminal. Or they treat you with respect--but cost 80,000/mo.

We choose total cooperation with you. We let you, our client decide his/her fate. Not the arbitrary conventional wisdom currently used by all treatment facilities--that is statistically unsuccessful. And, believe to or not, this works much better.

All current treatment has less than a ten percent success rate over time. We think we can do much better. And you will not be hampered by people barking orders at you or forcing you into childish situations that treat you like a rat in a maze.

We are a new way of doing things that is suggested by science that will work much better. 

And we do not treat the client badly. Actually going with what they want will lead to a better success rate. 

And we aim for a prognosis. No one offers one right now. We are research oriented. We are going to be tracking our success. And telling you up front. We believe you deserve it. And deserve someone utilizing a better method than the notoriously unsuccessful ones to date.

Dr. Brian,

Loving Addiction Treatment .Com 

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